Helge Borgarts' Music Is The Perfect Sound For 'The Surge 2'

Mar 18, 2020

The Surge 2 screenshot
Credit Deck 13

The sparsely-populated world created as the result of a plague in The Surge 2 needed a suitably dystopian sound for the music. I talked with composer Helge Borgarts of BowsToHymns who, with his colleague Thomas Stanger, crafted their music for the soundtrack that's inspired by the striking visuals and unique sound design by developers Deck 13.

Helge and BowsToHymns also worked on the soundtrack for The Kraken, an expansion for The Surge 2 set during the 1980s on an aircraft carrier that's been turned into a cruise ship. Helge says it was really fun to recreate a grunge rock sound from some of his 1980s heroes.

The Surge 2 Kraken in-game art
Credit Deck 13

The Surge 2 Soundtrack, including the Kraken expansion is available in Apple Music, and many other sources.

Helge Borgarts
Credit Top Dollar PR

Episode tracklist:

All tracks composed and performed by Helge Borgarts and Thomas Stanger (BowsToHymns) 

The Surge 2: Plane Crash; Infiltration; City Exploration; University; The Wall; Dangerous Harbour; Black Market; The Escape (feat. Alina Lesnik, vocals); Kraken Electro Grunge; Kraken Boss Fight

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Thanks to Dick Roberts for production assistance and Greg O'Connor-Read, Top Dollar PR