In Hartford, Transportation Funding Plan May Be In Sight

Oct 9, 2019

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont says passage of a state bond package is being held up by negotiations with lawmakers on his revised transportation infrastructure plan.

Lamont’s first transportation plan was rejected during the regular session by lawmakers opposed to highway tolls. He says his second attempt, which he hopes will be discussed in a special session, has what he calls user fees, and some low-cost borrowing from the federal government. 

“We have to figure out whether we are going to pay for transportation through more borrowing or through a user fee and more funding from the Trump Transportation Department. Once we get that figured out, the bond agenda is going to happen pretty quickly.”

Lamont let Republicans in on the transportation plan, but Senate Leader Len Fasano says he was out of the loop on the bond agenda.

“I’m going to work with them on the transportation package and share with them the information, but I’m not giving them a damn thing on the bonding. Is that how this works?”

Fasano sent a letter to Lamont about this last week but says he has yet to receive a response. 

Lamont says he has an open door policy to negotiations with both Republican and Democratic lawmakers.