Governor-Elect Lamont Strikes Bipartisan Tone In Acceptance Speech

Nov 8, 2018

Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont is Connecticut’s next governor. The 64-year-old Democrat declared victory after his Republican rival Bob Stefanowski of Madison called him Wednesday morning to concede defeat.

Lamont’s narrow victory did not become apparent until shortly before dawn on Wednesday. That was due to a slow count of ballots mainly from Connecticut’s heavily Democratic-leaning cities. But that did not dampen the governor-elect’s spirits as he took the stage on Wednesday to give his victory speech at the Yard Goats’ Dunkin’ Donuts Park in Hartford.

“This afternoon I may head back. I may put my feet up. I may have a glass of wine. Maybe get to bed early. Tomorrow is a fresh start for the State of Connecticut. I’m getting going bright and early. I need you to get going bright and early. I need us working together. Are you with me? I’m with Connecticut. I love this state. I’m so proud to be your governor. And we are going to get this state moving again. Thanks everybody.”

Lamont said he’s already spoken to legislative leaders in both parties and is looking forward to working with them.

“I talked to the Republican leaders as well and said my door is open. And any good idea, let’s go with it. I’m gonna share the credit where I can, I’ll take the heat for the tough decision, but we’re going to solve this thing by working together.”

Lamont said he’ll be announcing his chief of staff and transition team this week. He will take office in January.