Gas Hook-Ups Resume In New York, But Long-Term Energy Question Remains

Nov 27, 2019

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says despite the gas hook-up moratorium on Long Island being lifted, National Grid still needs to find a long-term solution.

National Grid justified the moratorium at first because they said they needed a new pipeline to meet a growing demand. 

But after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo threatened to revoke their operating license, they found a way to meet the demand with their existing supply. 

Cuomo says this was just a short-term solution.

“We understand that we have, long-term, a demand, and we’re going to have to find more supply. We know that National Grid prefers a pipeline, and that’s their preferred option.”

National Grid has said their current system can only support the demand for the next two years.

Critics say the natural gas pipeline is not a good option because it would contribute to climate change.