Forum On Gang Violence On Long Island

Sep 28, 2016

Credit Courtesy of Pixabay

One Long Island community is fighting back against gang violence. On Wednesday night community leaders will gather to try and find a solution to the recent uptick of gang activity in Brentwood and Central Islip.

In the past two weeks, two teenage girls were killed and the remains of two teenage boys were found in Brentwood. Two more adults were shot and killed at the beginning of the month in Central Islip. Residents are saying enough is enough.

Lenny Tucker, president of Brentwood Concerned Citizens, says, “We’re a community…we take the reins on what’s happening. We don’t sit back and let other people decide what’s going to happen for us. Not when we’re paying taxes and we’re the ones that have to deal with ultimately the end result.”

The forum will be at 7pm at Teatro Yerbabruja in Central Islip.