Families Of Nursing Home Residents Push For Cameras Inside Facilities

Jul 1, 2020

Advocates in several states, including Connecticut, are pushing for nursing homes to allow families to put in cameras to monitor their loved ones.

Visitation bans due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean many families can’t see their loved ones and struggle to get information about their care.

“Right now is a really scary time for nursing home residents and their family members,” says Anna Doroghazi with the AARP of Connecticut. “Nursing home residents know that people in their facilities have been getting sick, and they know that they’ve been dying. It’s more important than ever that they have options for how they can stay connected to people outside of the nursing facilities.”

Nursing home residents make up more than two-thirds of all COVID-19 deaths in Connecticut. Both Connecticut’s Department of Public Health commissioner and the state’s nursing home industry have voiced privacy concerns with cameras.