Eversource Says It Can Meet Connecticut EV Charging Needs

Dec 22, 2019

Connecticut’s electric utilities have assured state regulators that they have the capacity needed to help Connecticut meet its goal of 125,000 electric vehicles in the next five years.

Connecticut currently has about 11,000 electric vehicles on the road. To ramp the number up more public fast charging stations would be needed.

Kevin Boughan, with Eversource, the state’s largest utility, says it’s helped increase the number of charging stations in Massachusetts and would easily be able to do the same in Connecticut.

“When we put that load into our 10-year sales forecast, it does not have much of an effect at all.”

He says Connecticut has about 800 public charging ports now. That number would need to increase to about 5,000.

Boughan spoke at a state Public Utility Regulatory Authority forum. The authority is seeking input from electric vehicle stakeholders.