East Enders Push Back Against Wind Turbine Cables

Aug 13, 2019


The planned offshore wind farm in eastern Long Island will require cables to come to shore to transport electricity from the turbines to homes. But residents and activists don’t want construction in their neighborhoods. 

An 18-inch underground cable will transport the electricity more than 30 miles from the turbines to the grid. Two sites have been proposed for the construction in Wainscott and in Montauk. 

Tom Bogdan is the president of the citizen advocacy group Montauk United. He is concerned construction at a Montauk beach would hurt tourism.

“It would do far more damage to Montauk’s economic structure and lifestyle structure. ”

Wainscott residents have started a petition that also opposes the landing site construction in their area.

Both groups have emphasized they aren’t against renewable energy, just the impact on their neighborhoods where the energy comes to shore.

The 15-turbine wind farm is expected to operational by 2022.