Early Voting Begins In New York

Oct 28, 2019

New York’s first-ever early voting period started on Saturday. Voters can cast votes at select polling locations until November 3, instead of waiting until Election Day on November 5.

Newsday reports that 5,400 voters cast ballots on Saturday. Besides a few minor glitches in Islip and North Babylon, there were no reported problems.

Long Island has 25 sites that are open for early voting. Voters can find their early voting location online or call their county Board of Elections for location sites. 

On Election Day, voters will have to go to their regular voting site.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed legislation in January authorizing early voting, hasn't said if he'll vote in the early period, or on Election Day.

New York is a latecomer to early voting. All but 12 states already had early voting. Connecticut does not allow no excuse early voting.

Advocates hope expanded access will increase turnout.