DOJ: Yale Admissions Discriminates Against Asian, White Applicants

Aug 13, 2020

The U.S. Department of Justice wants Yale University to stop considering race as a factor in admissions, according to a letter the DOJ sent to Yale on Thursday.

The DOJ claims Yale admissions discriminates against white and Asian applicants, by favoring Latino and Black applicants with the same academic credentials.

A statement from a Yale spokesperson says Yale received the letter on Thursday, and categorically denies the allegation of discrimination. The university says it has fully cooperated with the DOJ’s review of it’s admissions practices since 2018. Yale also says the DOJ did not finish reviewing all of Yale’s admissions documents before issuing this decision.

The DOJ has made similar allegations against Harvard University admissions in a lawsuit led by a white conservative activist. A federal judge rejected the claims against Harvard last year.