Development Rights Auction Will Advance Affordable Housing In Southampton

Jul 8, 2019

The Town of Southampton will auction off development rights to allow developers to build above zoning limits. The money from the auction will go to the town’s affordable housing fund.

Developers will bid for about 15 properties that are worth $275,000 each.

The town has allowed developers to work outside of the zoning code before, but this is the first time the rights are being sold in an effort to build affordable housing.

Michael Daly, with East End YIMBY, the housing advocacy group, says it’s a counterblow to the “not in my backyard,” or NIMBY, movement. He says affordable housing is a crisis on Long Island.

“It’s one of the reasons we have such horrendous traffic coming into the East End on a daily basis, because many of the people who work here can’t afford to live here.”

The auction could add more than $4 million to the town’s Community Housing Opportunity Fund.