Cuomo Visits Long Island To Talk Up Budget Wins

Apr 11, 2019

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Stony Brook on Thursday to tout key provisions in the state budget that benefit Long Islanders.

Cuomo says making the 2 percent property tax cap permanent will help Long Island middle-class families mitigate the loss of property tax deductions this year. Federal law limits state and local taxes, which Cuomo says hurts states with high property taxes.

Cuomo also praised environmental and transportation funding that will help Long Islanders long-term.

Cuomo said the Long Island Rail Road will receive $6.6 billion to fix stations, adding train cars and completing the 40-year East Side Access project.

“We have to get that Long Island Rail Road to a place where people want to take it, in a station that they want to be in, and sitting in a car they feel comfortable in and getting to a terminal that is accommodating and not having the delays.”

He also wants to revamp the entire MTA.

“I said to the people of this state and the legislature, I am not going to approve one more penny to the MTA until we overhaul the management.”

Cuomo said the first phase of the state’s offshore wind awards will go out this spring with a long-term goal of nine gigawatts of wind by 2035.

“It is the most ambitious in the country, and it is bringing the green economy to Long Island today.”

The budget also includes adding clean water infrastructure, sewering homes and banning offshore drilling and plastic bags.