Cuomo Says He Has ‘No Problem’ With Trump NYC Veterans Day Parade Appearance

Nov 11, 2019

President Donald Trump will be headlining New York City’s Veterans Day parade on Monday. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is feuding with Trump, says he plans to put politics aside for the occasion.

Cuomo, who tweeted “good riddance” after Trump announced he was changing his official residence to Florida, says he won’t let political differences interfere with what will be celebration of veterans.

“I have no problem with the President’s coming to the Veterans Day parade, there’s no politics that I am going to discuss,” Cuomo said. “Everybody is invited, everyone should honor veterans. The more that come, the better.”

The governor penned an op-ed in the New York Post, documenting how he attempted to work with the president in the past, even shooting a video of the crumbling Gateway Tunnel and then meeting Trump in Washington, to unsuccessfully lobby for funding for the project.