Cuomo Says ‘Good Riddance’ To News That Trump Is Changing His Residence To Florida

Nov 1, 2019

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says “good riddance” to the news that President Donald Trump is changing his official residence from New York to Florida. And the governor says the President’s exit is not about the state’s tax policy.

Cuomo says he believes Trump is changing his state of residence in order to avoid New York prosecutors’ requests for the President’s taxes, which he has never released publicly.

“I think his lawyers think this will help his legal case,” said Cuomo. “Where he can now say ‘well New York doesn’t have right to my taxes, I’m no longer a resident of New York.’”

The state’s Republican Party chair, Nick Langworthy, says the real reason Trump is leaving is because of New York’s tax rates, which are among the highest in the nation, and what Langworthy says are Cuomo’s “disastrous policies.”

The governor says if Trump is complaining about high taxes in New York, it’s partly because the President helped enact federal tax changes that prevent many in the state from deducting their state and local taxes.