CT SOTS: Towns Shouldn't Run Out Of Ballots During Record Turnout

Nov 3, 2020

Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill says nearly half of registered voters cast their ballot by noon on Election Day. 

“If you combine that with the 25% of the voters who voted absentee ballot, you’re looking at something like 75% already and it’s only noon,” Merrill says.  

That’s the total turnout among registered voters seen in the 2016 presidential election. 

Merrill says she doesn't like to speculate on voter turnout, but with the numbers reported Tuesday morning, she thought Connecticut migh exceed hear original 80% prediction.

Merrill says even though people are voting in big numbers, polls are running smoothly across the state.  

“We hope we won’t have anyone running out of ballots, but, by the way, if they do, we all know now from previous elections there is a process by which you can print your own ballots, put your stamp on in the town, and keep going. Which is what should happen. The election should never stop.”

Merrill says election officials are expected to print out enough ballots for every registered voter to exercise their right at the polls. She reported no problems, except for a handful of polling locations that had power restored early in the morning after high winds.