Cris Velasco Scores A Mystery In The Invisible Hours

Dec 14, 2017

The Invisible Hours screenshot

Who murdered Nikola Tesla? It's up to you to find out. Composer Cris Velasco says he was hooked the moment he read the stories of the characters in Tequila Works' Virtual Reality experience, The Invisible Hours. On the surface it seems like a straightforward murder mystery: you're a fly on the wall as a detective tries to determine who murdered Nikola Tesla in his mansion. And yet....there's more to every character than meets the eye. As Cris told me, the design of the game meant he could score it like a film which allowed him to write really emotional music.

The cast of characters, in addition to Tesla, includes a mix of real and fictional personalities: Thomas Edison, and the actress Sarah Bernhardt, who Cris said he felt especially intrigued by. Cris said he's very proud of this score because it gave him a chance to write in a voice closer to his own.

Cris Velasco
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The Invisible Hours: Waste Not, Want Not; Men with Guns are Not to be Trusted; What Lies Beneath; You Want to Make Love to Me; A Seance; Face Facts; Another Dead Son; Orchestra Tuning; Main Theme

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