Cris Velasco Creates His Soundtrack For 'Carrion' With Slime, Synths And Strings

Aug 26, 2020

screenshot from Carrion

"Don't play this game before bedtime" is a warning from a review of Carrion, created by the tiny studio of Phobia Games. This reverse-horror game gives players a chance to be the monster, creating destruction in the lab where it escapes captivity.  Composer Cris Velasco says he was totally on "Team Monster" as he was creating his soundtrack.

Cris created a library of unusual sounds to build the music. He says one of the most enjoyable experiences was getting hold of a container of slime  and using it to make all kinds of gushy, wet, slippery sounds, as a reference to the monster's tentacles,  which he blended with the live strings and synths.

Carrion screenshot
Credit Phobia Game Studios/Devolver Digital

Working with the small team of Phobia Game Studio also gave Cris the chance to fulfill a long-held dream of commissioning an artist to create the cover for the soundtrack album.  Cris asked Dan Quintana to design the cover, and the the developers and Cris were thrilled with the result!

Carrion soundtrack cover
Credit art by Dan Quintana

The soundtrack is available on Chris' Bandcamp.  Listen to it during a storm or just before bedtime, if you dare!

Episode tracklist:

all tracks by Cris Velasco

Carrion: The Hunger, Metamorphosis I, All Hope is Lost, Malevolent Viscosity, A Maze of Vines, Appetite for Destruction, Attack of the Peacekeepers.

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