As Counting Goes Late Into The Night, Connecticut Democrats Say Vote Went Smoothly

Nov 4, 2020

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut says the election in the state was relatively smooth even though it might take a while to finalize the results.

Murphy says leading up to the election he’d been more concerned about threats of disruptions to voting than any attempts by Russian or other foreign actors hacking into the election systems.

“We have done a good job since 2016 of guarding our election systems against sabotage and so far it looks like we’ve had an incident free election,” Murphy said.

He says people should be patient and allow for the votes to now all be counted.

Connecticut Representatives John Larson and Jim Himes have won their races. Rosa DeLauro has declared victory, but the Associated Press has not called her race yet. In the 5th District incumbent Jahana Hayes says her internal numbers look good but she would wait until the votes are all counted before making a statement. In the 2nd District incumbent Joe Courtney says he’s also waiting until all the votes are counted.