Coronavirus Peak Still Weeks Away In Connecticut, Lamont Says

Apr 7, 2020

The peak of the coronavirus outbreak in Fairfield County is still a few weeks away, according to Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont. 

Lamont says it appears the peak for Fairfield County is still a few weeks away. For New Haven County it's more than a month away, and it may not hit the eastern part of the state until June. He says this is slower than had been initially anticipated.

“And there may be a variety of reasons for that. One of which is social distancing, another of which maybe we are just a little less dense than downtown New Orleans or New York City.”

Lamont says a more gradual increase will help the state better prepare for the peak.

“The good news is that it is linear right now, and that allows us to model more carefully. Right now we have the beds, right now we have the ventilators, and right now we have the PPE to take care of things.” 

Officials had estimated that Connecticut would need 12,000 hospital beds and 4,000 ventilators at the peak of the outbreak. The state has about 7,000 beds and 1,000 ventilators. 

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