Controversial Yale Professor Receives School's Highest Honor

Aug 20, 2018

Yale sociologist Nicholas Christakis
Credit Paul Schnaittacher / Wikimedia Commons

A Yale professor who was at the center of a debate about free speech on campus has been awarded the school’s highest honor.

Yale’s President and Trustees have awarded Nicholas Christakis the Sterling Professorship.

Christakis is a sociology scholar at Yale. He and his wife, Erika, resigned from their posts as leaders of Silliman Residential College a few years ago. Nicholas kept his role as professor.

The Christakises made headlines after multicultural groups on campus protested them for fostering a racist environment in 2015. It was in response to a campus-wide email Erika sent. She said students should be allowed to wear culturally insensitive Halloween costumes.

Yale announced Nicholas Christakis’s Sterling Professorship in a press release during summer break last month.