Connecticut Voters To Have A Say In Transportation Funding

Nov 1, 2018

This Election Day Connecticut voters will consider a ballot question to amend the Connecticut Constitution. A “yes” vote will enact a lockbox to protect the state’s Special Transportation Fund.

Advocates from business organizations, labor unions and environmental groups gathered at the Greater Bridgeport Transit Water Street Station to show support for the lockbox.

John Harrity, chairman of the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs, said that it's a non-partisan issue.

“The bottom line is, vote yes on question one. It doesn't matter if you’re voting for Lamont, or Stefanowski, or Griebel, just vote yes on question one.”

Doug Holcomb, CEO of Greater Bridgeport Transit, said the state’s transportation challenges cannot be met without the lockbox.

“You know it, I know it, everybody seems to know it. Every year we are confronted with another report telling us how much time we are spending in traffic and how much that’s costing the business community.”

Holcomb said legislators took $37.5 million out of the Special Transportation Fund last fiscal year in order to balance the state’s budget.