Connecticut Senate Democrats Dismiss Lamont's Revised Transportation Plan

Nov 14, 2019

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s transportation plan does not have the support of the Democrats in the State Senate.

Martin Looney, the Democratic leader of the Senate, says his caucus still has a problem with the revised plan.

“The reality is that I think we have to look for another mechanism other than tolls to get this done, because it is important for us to fund a transportation initiative, because we do have a severe congestion problem that is impeding our economic development.”  

Looney spoke on WSHU’s The Full Story

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans in Connecticut have unveiled an alternative transportation plan that doesn’t rely on tolls or tax increases.

The plan includes many of the same projects proposed by Lamont.

The 10-year, nearly $18 billion initiative from the Senate minority party comes a day after Lamont pitched his own $21.3 billion plan to Senate Democrats.    

It’s unclear whether the Senate GOP’s plan will ultimately lay the groundwork for a political compromise on an issue.