Connecticut Residents Affected By Storms Can Apply For Disaster Loans

Oct 12, 2018

This week, Connecticut homeowners can start applying for loans from the federal Small Business Administration to help repair $13 million in damage from extreme weather in May.

Scott Devico with the State’s Department of Emergency Services says SBA is offering low-interest federal loans of up to $200,000 to homeowners, businesses and nonprofits that suffered storm damage, possibly including removal of debris left on their property. Renters will be able to apply for up to $40,000 loans to replace or repair damaged personal property.

Devico says SBA officials have opened a Disaster Loan Outreach Center in Southbury to help people fill out and submit applications. The center will be open through October 18, but the physical property damage deadline is December 10. Devico says people should bring all documentation of any damages when they plan to apply. People can also apply online.

Businesses suffering economic losses from the storms have until July 9, 2019, to apply for aid. “So you have some time to apply, but I would stress that you do it as soon as possible,” Devico said.