Connecticut Regulators Will Investigate Eversource For Poor Isaias Response

Aug 21, 2020

Connecticut regulators plan to investigate the state’s largest power company, Eversource, for rate hikes following its poor response to Tropical Storm Isaias. It’s the same rate hike they approved over the last few years.

Senate Republican Minority Leader Len Fasano has written to the chair of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, Marissa Gillette, questioning the probe. He said lawmakers and state regulators might be the ones to blame.

“If they are upset about it, it was done as a result of their review, their decision to allow it to happen. You can't blame Eversource," Fasano said.

Democratic state Senator Norm Needleman chairs the Energy Committee. He said Gillette is new to the agency.

“She is here and taking a fresh look at everything we do: how we make rates, how the grid works, how we compensate the utilities,” Needleman said.

Next week, regulators and lawmakers hold hearings to probe Eversource executives, the regulators on Monday and the Energy Committee on Thursday.