Connecticut Police Release Camera Footage In Officer-Involved Shooting

Jan 20, 2020

Camera footage from a car chase on Interstate 95 in Connecticut shows police firing into a car, killing a suspect.

Police say the man stole a car in Norwalk. Local police called off their chase, but state police picked it up on I-95. Police shot the man at an exit in West Haven.

State police released footage from dash cams and body cams over the weekend. It shows the chase progress along I-95 until the driver steers off onto an exit in West Haven. Police corner him and surround his car under an overpass. Then an officer outside the car fire several shots into the window as a man sat in the driver’s seat.

State police say they’re conducting an internal investigation. Local pastors, along with state chapters of the ACLU and NAACP, have called on federal prosecutors to investigate.

The victim’s uncle said at a press conference his nephew battled schizophrenia, according to Hearst Connecticut.