Connecticut Officials Hold Race And Policing Forum

Jun 5, 2020

Connecticut law enforcement, state officials and human rights experts gathered at a virtual panel to discuss race and policing on Friday.

The panel was called “Truth and Reconciliation” and was moderated by FOX 61's Stan Simpson. He said the title is a nod to a commission established in South Africa after the end of apartheid. 

“The idea was we’ve got to know the historical truth of the agony and the atrocities that happened during apartheid, acknowledge it and then once you had the truth, then you could move forward and reconcile.”  

Chief State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo was asked why his department had cleared 16 of 21 cases of police shootings over the past five years. Colangelo said State Police have to do a thorough investigation of each shooting.  

“It does take a lot of time to get that information. There was a couple instances where, yeah, those reports didn’t get done and that is on us as a division, and we’re making sure that doesn’t happen again.”

Colangelo was one of nine panelists who discussed how stark race and class segregation in Connecticut affects policing.