Connecticut Makes Push For Early Voting

Jun 1, 2017

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill says it’s time Connecticut update its constitution to allow for early voting. She says early voting would address the 21st century needs of voters.

“It reduces long lines on Election Day and it gives people multiple opportunities to vote. You know it’s a different world than it was 200 years ago and people are mobile and busy.”    

Merrill says that getting more people to vote is key to creating a healthy democracy.

“Anything we can do to increase opportunities for everyone to participate in democracy is important. We all know that democracy only works when everyone is at the table. We can leave no one out.”  

She says during the 2016 election her office was flooded with calls from residents asking why the state does not allow early voting.  

Right now lawmakers are considering several bills to change the constitution that would do just that. One has passed the House and is in the Senate for action.

But amending the constitution takes time and early voting may not be available in Connecticut until 2022.

Merrill says 37 other states have early voting.    

This report contains information from CRN.