Connecticut Leads Multistate Lawsuit Against Generic Drugmakers

May 14, 2019

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong wants to hold several generic drug manufacturers accountable for fixing the price of more than 100 drugs.

Tong leads a coalition of 44 states, including New York, that filed a lawsuit last week against 20 generic drug manufacturers and 15 executives.  

“We have emails, text messages, phone records, that demonstrate conclusively and without a doubt that the major drug manufacturers, including the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world, Teva, are openly and brazenly colluding on price. and they’re dividing up market share.”

Tong’s lawsuit accuses Teva Pharmaceuticals of leading an anti-trust scheme. He says it cost consumers, taxpayers and insurance companies billions of dollars.

The investigation started in 2014. The industry has denied any wrongdoing.