Connecticut Lawmakers In Special Session This Week

Dec 16, 2019

Connecticut legislators return to Hartford on Wednesday for a special session to ratify the settlement of a long-running dispute with the state’s hospitals.

State officials have told lawmakers the settlement would save Connecticut as much as $4 billion over the seven-year term of the agreement.

Governor Ned Lamont’s budget director, Melissa McCaw, says it would help the state maintain its rainy day fund.

“The agreement is structured in a way where we take into consideration the state’s rainy day fund and ensuring that the fiscal impact to the state of Connecticut is the lowest cost throughout the term of the agreement.”  

She says the deal would also increase the state’s Medicaid reimbursement rate to hospitals by 2% a year.

In addition to the hospital deal, Lawmakers are to take action on a dispute between restaurant owners and their tipped workers, who have sued seeking higher hourly pay.