Connecticut Lawmakers Hail Online Sales Tax Decision

Jun 22, 2018

Republican and Democratic political leaders in Connecticut agree that the U.S. Supreme Court allowing states to force shoppers to pay sales tax when they make online purchases is good for the state.

Eric Getty with the Connecticut Business and Industry Association says the state’s likely to see more sales tax revenue from the decision.

“But more importantly, this is a big windfall to brick and mortar stores. It creates a level playing field against some of these online retailers that really conduct a lot of sales.”

Last week, Governor Dannel Malloy signed a law to require companies to collect sales tax if they have at least $250,000 a year in sales. Other states have passed similar laws, including Georgia, Pennsylvania and Washington.

Connecticut Senate Republican President Len Fasano called the decision a win, but said the General Assembly should consider going back in to session to make further changes to help brick and mortar stores.

“Bricks and mortar stores were being killed with sales taxes where others have been getting the benefits. So it evens the playing field. So it’s big for all states. You know I don’t think it’s bigger for Connecticut than any other state, I would argue. But it’s a big, it is a big plus.”

Connecticut officials have yet to determine how much more revenue this will generate for the state.