Connecticut Law Promotes Transparency In Quasi-Public Agencies

Jul 11, 2019

Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo says a new law makes it possible for the public to have access to financial information about quasi-public agencies, which would include the troubled state lottery.

Lembo says he has reached voluntary agreements with the agencies to share their checkbook data on his online portal, OpenConnecticut

He says the state no longer needs their permission because of a new law signed by Governor Ned Lamont this week.

“Meaning all payments that they make to vendors and other outside entities, as well all their payroll information, will be available online at the OpenConnecticut site.”

Lembo says the public is most curious about expenditures on personnel.

“The site gets a lot of hits particularly around payroll and pension information because people have a lot of questions about that.”

There have been recent scandals involving executive pay and severance packages at the state lottery. Other quasi-state agencies include the state airport authority and the state’s trash-to-energy plant.