Connecticut Infrastructure Earns A C-Minus

Nov 1, 2018

The Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers says the state’s roads, rails, sewers and water treatment facilities earn an average grade of C-minus.

That’s according to a report released this week that evaluates the state’s infrastructure.

Roy Merritt, who leads the committee of civil engineers that advises the state legislature, said only 10 percent of roads in Connecticut's major cities are in good condition.

“Our roads got a D-plus. Basically that’s because the majority of our roads are in fair to poor condition, primarily due to the road’s surface.”

But Merritt said Connecticut’s railways boosted the infrastructure’s average grade with a B.

“Our rail systems were given a grade of B, which is the highest grade we gave in the report. Metro-North is number one busiest commuter rail in the entire country. Carries 41 million passengers annually in that system and there’s been an awful lot of investment made in that system by the Department of Transportation over this decade.”

The report suggests tens of billions of dollars in state investment over the next 40 years to update the infrastructure.