Connecticut I-95 McDonald's Workers Strike For Union Rights

May 27, 2021

McDonald’s workers went on strike Friday at travel plazas along Interstate 95 in Connecticut.

The union that represents workers said they faced anti-union intimidation from McDonald’s and two franchisees who operate locations in Connecticut travel plazas. Rochelle Palache is with SEIU 32BJ in Connecticut.

“McDonald’s corporate is a known union-buster. The franchise owners have adopted the same policy — abusing workers, cutting their hours, firing some for union activity. We want to say to McDonald’s these workers deserve the right to form a union,” Palache said.

Travel plazas are owned by the state, and franchisees are state contractors. So the union said they will rally outside the state Capitol in Hartford, asking Governor Ned Lamont to step in.

McDonald’s corporate office didn’t respond to a request for comment.