Connecticut Educators' Unions Want Standard Quarantine Policy For Schools

Jan 13, 2021

Connecticut teachers say some school districts are denying paid leave and work-from-home quarantine options recommended by public health officials.

Six educators’ and school employee unions want Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont to create a standard COVID-19 quarantine policy for schools. They sent a letter to Lamont this week.

Cynthia Ross-Zweig is a para-educator and member of the CESA union. She said two paraprofessionals have died of COVID since December.

“These things will continue if we don’t afford protections for these people, full PPE and continuation of pay if they are ill and they have to go home and work from home. That needs to continue to protect their lives," Ross-Zweig said.

Ross-Zweig says paraprofessionals are at high risk of exposure because they work at close proximity to students.

Lamont’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.