Conn. Releases Reopening Guidelines; N.Y. Issues Strict Rules For Nursing Homes

May 11, 2020

Here’s the latest on the coronavirus outbreak in the region:

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has released guidelines for businesses that will be allowed to reopen on May 20th. Lamont says no business has to open, but those that do open must adhere to the rules.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered nursing homes and adult care facilities to test employees twice a week. He also ordered hospitals not to discharge patients back to nursing homes until they test negative for the virus. Nursing home operators that do not follow the guidelines will have their licenses revoked. If they cannot provide proper care for any resident, they must contact the Health Department.

Connecticut did not release new numbers Sunday. As of Saturday night, there were 570 new cases with an additional 35 deaths. The number of hospitalizations declined by 59.

In New York, there were 2,273 new cases Sunday. 430 were on Long Island, and over 200 in Westchester. 207 residents died.

Cuomo has also proposed what he calls the “Americans First Law.” He says that companies that receive government loans and bailout money should hire back the same number of employees that they had “pre-corona.”

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