Conn. Comptroller Introduces Plan To Curb Costs Of Prescription Drugs

Jan 25, 2017

Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo has released a five point plan aimed at reducing the cost of prescription drugs. Lembo, who administers the state’s health plan that covers 200,000 people, says one of his proposals would allow patients to take advantage of negotiated drug rebates.

“It seems unfair that a consumer who happens to be on the high deductible end of their plan would be, for example, paying 20 percent of a $600 drug, which is the retail rate, versus $200 that their insurance company may have already negotiated.”  

He says another proposal would remove incentives for doctors to prescribe expensive drugs rather than cheaper generics. Lembo also wants manufacturers to limit the launch price for drugs.

“There’s a lot that goes into setting a launch price or price increase: research and development costs, marketing cost, unsuccessful research and development that have preceded this. It would be helpful to have all of that information together so that the state could have a better idea of what went into those prices.”

The other proposals would have manufacturers justify price increases and require health insurers to reduce co-pays for long-term medications.