Climate Change Activists Disrupt Harvard-Yale Football Game

Nov 25, 2019

Hundreds of students and attendees occupied the field for a protest during the annual football game between Harvard and Yale in New Haven on Saturday.

Protesters called on the schools to stop investing in businesses that contribute to climate change, among other causes.

“Divest Harvard! Divest Yale! Divest Harvard! Divest Yale!”

At least 150 students from both schools took part in the planned protest. Many more who had come to watch the game joined in. Some reports said up to 1,000 people took part. Forty-two people were charged with disorderly conduct.

Harvard football captain Wesley Ogsbury said he stood in solidarity with protestors in a video posted to Twitter.

“Both of our institutions continue to invest in industries destroying our futures, and when it comes to the climate crisis, no one wins.”

A spokesperson for the Ivy League called the protest regrettable. Yale officials said the school stands firmly for freedom of expression.