Casey Edwards Wrote His Music For 'Devil May Cry 5' Like A Fan

Apr 2, 2019

Devil May Cry 5 Key Art

After 11 years, fans of the Dante's Inferno-inspired Devil May Cry series by Capcom finally have a new chapter with Devil May Cry 5! Casey Edwards was thrilled to write some of the music for Devil May Cry 5 because it gave him a chance to rediscover the "angst-y teen" he says he was was when he played the original games. He told me he used his own love of the games' fusion of Gothic and heavy metal to craft just the right sound.

Casey contributed cues for some of the epic battles in-game, as well as the song Devil Trigger, which became the trailer that was shown at E3 to get fans amped for the new game.

Besides writing some of the music for DMC 5, Casey has also written soundtracks for live-action videos based on games including Battlefield and Tom Clancy's The Division, and he was able to get permission from the studios to use the original music from the games in his soundtracks. He says writing music like that is a great experience for any composer just getting their careers going.

Episode tracklist

All tracks written and performed by Casey Edwards

Devil May Cry 5: Silver Bullet; Devil Trigger (feat. Ali Edwards) The Duel

Cue for Tom Clancy's The Division Live-action Soundtrack

Cue from Rush, inspired by Battlefield

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