Bridgeport NAACP Calls For Review Into Racist Police Texts

Jun 4, 2019

Bridgeport’s NAACP chapter wants the city to evaluate how the police chief handled an investigation into racist texts sent by a former police captain a year ago.

Critics wonder why Police Chief Anthony Perez waited a month to launch an internal investigation after he learned of the texts.

George Mintz, president of Bridgeport’s NAACP chapter, says he wants to set up a community review board with the mayor’s office to explore these cases as soon as they occur.

“I don’t think we’re getting a lot of response to this, which is very, very typical in Bridgeport. Something will happen one minute, and you don’t hear anything about it until weeks later.”

Mintz says most investigations that are referred to the Office of Internal Affairs usually die. He says this recurring trend often happens within the Bridgeport Police Department.  

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office says the department followed policy modeled after federal guidelines for internal investigations.