Bridgeport Mayoral Primary Result Stands, Judge Rules

Oct 31, 2019

Bridgeport’s November 5th election will proceed as normal after a judge decided not to throw out the results of the Democratic primary.

Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens delivered a ruling from the bench on a lawsuit brought by three voters seeking a redo of the primary due to absentee ballot issues.

“The court concludes the result of the election shall be certified as affirmed and the court will issue a memorandum further articulating this decision.”

But before Judge Stevens delivered that ruling from the bench, he made an unusual recommendation. He said the evidence of election violations is very serious.

“The legislature should consider whether individuals working for candidates or working for candidates’ campaigns should be strictly prohibited from any handling of applications for absentee ballots.”

But under the current law, Stevens says a candidate would need to have brought the lawsuit in order for him to consider the evidence as grounds for a new primary.

State Senator Marilyn Moore won the mayoral primary at the polls. Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim beat her overall by 270 votes, with a share of absentee ballots that favored him 3-to-1.