Bridgeport Ex-Chief Asks For House Arrest Over Prison Time After Guilty Plea

Mar 31, 2021

The ex-Police Chief of Bridgeport, Connecticut, wants to serve house arrest instead of prison time. That’s after former chief A. J. Perez pleaded guilty to lying to FBI investigators about a cheating scandal to get his job as top cop.

His attorneys said in a court filing that Perez will pay a big price on the day he is sentenced in April, and ordered to give just under $300,000 in restitution to the city. It also argues that Perez is not fully vaccinated, so he would face high-risk coronavirus exposure in prison.

Perez and the former city personnel director involved in the cheating scandal both resigned from their jobs in September after their FBI arrests. Both pleaded guilty.

Some members of City Council have said a $300,000 restitution payment is not enough to deter city officials from committing corrupt acts.