Bridgeport City Council Wants $300K From Convicted Ex-Chief, Personnel Director

Mar 24, 2021

The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, wants a total of $300,000 from an ex-chief of police and a city hall worker, who pleaded guilty to a job rigging scandal in federal court last year.

Ex-Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez and former personnel director David Dunn have already paid about $150,000. That was suggested by federal prosecutors.

Maria Periera serves on the City Council. She said the council should have sought much more. Periera said taxpayers have already paid close to $700,000 in legal fees related to the job rigging investigation.

“I believe we should seek all of that and of course we have two major lawsuits that have been filed now,” Periera said.

Periera said the city could face huge payouts for those lawsuits, brought by police over the job scandal.

The judge would need to approve the additional $150,000 requested by city council.