Blumenthal: Trump Owes Congress, Americans Explanation Over Soleimani Strike

Jan 7, 2020

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut says the Trump administration should be clearer about its reasons behind the drone strike that killed an Iranian general last week.

“The administration owes Congress, but more important the American people, an explanation as to why now and what’s next and what the strategy is to avoid stumbling headfirst into a major military confrontation and possibly war,” said Blumenthal.

The Trump administration sent Congress a notification last week, as required under the federal War Powers Act, but that notification is largely classified. Blumenthal said the administration should declassify it.

“If there is a possible war here, the President must come to Congress, not only because it’s a constitutional responsibility on his part, and we have a constitutional responsibility, but also it’s a practical matter. He needs the nation behind him.”

Blumenthal said U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper should come to the Senate Armed Services Committee for a public hearing to justify the drone strike.

Blumenthal is a co-sponsor of a resolution that calls for an end to military hostilities against Iran in 30 days if Congress takes no action. A similar bill is also before the House of Representatives.