Blumenthal And Murphy Take Wait And See Approach On Impeachment

Nov 18, 2019

Connecticut’s two U.S. senators say they are keeping an open mind on impeachment as hearings continue in the House of Representatives this week.

The Connecticut Democrats say Republican President Donald Trump’s case has not been helped by the testimony of witnesses so far. The state’s junior senator, Chris Murphy, says what he’s heard is impeachable.

“I would have to wait to see the exact articles of impeachment before I decided my vote. But I think this is actually devastating testimony. You’ll hear more of it.”

Senior Senator Richard Blumenthal says he wants to hear Trump’s defense.

“I will listen to anything the president will have to say on his own behalf that’s exculpatory. But so far we’ve heard nothing that in any way alleviates the responsibility and accountability that ought to be imposed here.”

Blumenthal and Murphy will serve as jurors in a trial in the U.S. Senate, if the House impeaches Trump.