Bill Would Allow Information Sharing Between New York DMV And ICE

Jan 30, 2020

New York State Assemblyman Mike LiPetri from Long Island has introduced new legislation that would allow the DMV to share immigration status with federal agencies like ICE. 

LiPetri says the bills would improve safety and help law enforcement track down gangs like MS-13.

“State and federal agencies must work together to root out MS-13 from our neighborhoods and future terror plots. New York’s new law shields violent gangs and the evils of terror. This ends now.”

The bills are a reaction to the recently passed Green Light law that allows all New York residents over 16 to apply for driver’s licenses and permits, regardless of citizenship. 

“What you are doing now is undermining the safety of this community, the safety of this nation, because you are stopping federal law enforcement and state agencies from working together,” LiPetri said.

The proposed legislation would also criminalize undocumented immigrants who register to vote.