Being A Connecticut Poll Worker So A Vulnerable Senior Doesn't Have To

Oct 22, 2020

Nearly 10,000 Connecticut residents have volunteered as election day poll workers, some for the first time.

Monica Grasty is starting her first poll worker training with New Haven Town Clerk’s office today on Thursday. Grasty said she volunteered so seniors wouldn’t risk exposure to COVID-19.

“I’m a healthy 28-year-old, and I’m a pretty fastidious person. I always follow the rules and, you know, working the polls seems like a really good opportunity for me to put those skills into action in a way that benefits my local community,” Grasty said.

Grasty said she’s assigned to work a polling location that’s not where she normally votes. She plans to ask how she should vote if her requested absentee ballot doesn’t get to her by Election Day.

The Connecticut Secretary of the State’s office says it has received the most complaints from New Haven residents who haven’t gotten their mail ballots yet. The New Haven Clerk’s Office did not return requests for comment.

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