Anti-Muslim Hate Speech Allegedly Written By Connecticut Corrections Officers Investigated

May 4, 2021

Connecticut corrections officials say they found a false incident report containing hate speech in a printer at a state prison. The report contained both anti-Muslim and homophobic slurs and targeted Muslim corrections officer Shem Brijbilas.

Farhan Memon is the chair of the Connecticut chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“The Department of Corrections needs to refer this matter to the state police in order to be investigated as a hate crime. This is the second time that Officer Brijbilas has received a letter of this nature,” Memon said.

In a letter to Memon, Commissioner Angel Quiros said the agency is conducting an internal investigation, and is still investigating the previous letter to Brijbilas.

Quiros called the fake incident report unacceptable and said it doesn’t represent corrections professionals.