Alex Jones Sanctioned By Judge For ‘Despicable Tirade’ Against Sandy Hook Lawyer

Jun 20, 2019

The attorney for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says he plans to file an appeal to the Connecticut Supreme Court over judge-ordered financial sanctions.

A superior court judge in Bridgeport sanctioned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Tuesday for what she called a despicable tirade against an attorney for the families of victims of the 2012 Newtown school shooting.

Jones pounded his fist on a picture of attorney Chris Mattei during a recent broadcast of his Infowars web show.

Mattei represents the families suing Jones for defamation. Jones has repeatedly claimed the shooting was a hoax.

Mattei spoke to reporters after the ruling.

“His conduct, and I think the court concluded this, really threatened the integrity of judicial proceedings here in Connecticut.”

Jones’s lawyers said his conduct was inappropriate but not threatening.

Jones was responding to allegations that child pornography was included in the case files he sent victims' lawyers. He claims that the victims’ families framed him by planting the pornographic files.

The judge ordered Jones to pay attorney’s fees to Mattei’s team and blocked his attorneys from attempts to dismiss the case brought by the families of victims.