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Taking on Urban Trauma

Ann Lopez
Rob Johnson, Executive Director of Multicultural Affairs at Sacred Heart University speaking with The Full Story host, Tom Kuser about urban trauma.

Earlier this year we focused one of our programs on the first legal sales of recreational marijuana in Connecticut.  And, we spoke with Kebra Smith Bolden, an RN and the creator of CannaHealth which educates patients about medical cannabis and provides certification for medical marijuana cards.

She said some of her clients seek out medical marijuana to deal with Urban Trauma.  Here’s what she said:

Here we find that with urban trauma, we have people with sometimes 5, 10 major traumas that they’ve experienced throughout their lives, and have been told to just normalize it.  So coming to CannaHealth and being assessed for post-traumatic stress disorder has really helped to open the eyes of people to the traumas that exist in a community and some of the symptoms that we might see in them, let’s say they can’t keep a job or they have a hard time maintaining relationships or have social anxiety.  These are all things that are symptoms of trauma.  And so cannabis can help manage those symptoms but then we also need to make referrals and follow up with trauma therapy so that they can completely heal because cannabis again will treat a symptom but not the core of the problem.

And so we’re taking a closer look at Urban Trauma - what it is, what’s being done to stem its impact, and how can people heal from it.


Daryl McGraw, Founder of Formerly Inc.
To hear Daryl McGraw's TED TALK urban trauma click here.

Daryl McGraw Interview.mp3

Kathryn Scheinberg Meyer, Director of the Medical-Legal Partnership Project at the Yale Child Study Center and an attorney with the Center for Children’s Advocacy

Kathryn Scheinberg Meyer Interview.mp3

Robert Johnson, Executive Director of Multicultural Affairs at Sacred Heart University

Rob Johnson Interview.mp3

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