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An Incan legend comes to life in Jose Varon's soundtrack for 'Imp of the Sun'

Sun Wolf Entertainment

An ancient Incan legend inspired the story of Imp of the Sun. An eclipse has plunged the world into darkness, and blotted out the Sun. It's up to the tiny imp, Nin, that the Sun sends to earth to travel to far-off lands and restore the Sun's light to the world. Composer Jose Varon pulled from his Peruvian roots to orchestrate the soundtrack with traditional instruments, including some ancient instruments that were housed in a museum. Jose persuaded the museum officials to let his musicians play them because, as he said, "when are you ever going to hear them again?"

Jose says this project was important to him because it was created by his small Peruvian team, Sun Wolf Entertainment, and he wanted to showcase the rich culture of his home.

Top Dollar PR

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed by Jose Varon

Imp of the Sun: Cine Intro; Hub World; Overture; In the Mountains; Misty Lakes; Jungle Dense Trees; Underworld Catacombs; Boss Ruku; Desert Empty Plains; Boss Tui; Mountains Precipices

Thanks to Greg O'Connor-Read, Top Dollar PR

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